Attracting Talent: The Millennial Perspective

Surveying Millennials to Attract More Talent to the Space Coast

Brevard County, Fla (May 8, 2017) – The Economic Development Commission of Florida’s Space Coast (EDC) has been working closely with 321 Millennials to glean the millennial perspective on why they chose to live and work on the Space Coast. Efforts have included surveys, interactive meetings and on camera interviews.

“The results of these efforts have been incorporated into the EDC’s talent attraction efforts; a critical component of our business recruitment and retention program of work”, stated Lynda Weatherman, president & CEO, Economic Development Commission of Florida’s Space Coast. “This generation is a significant part of our workforce and understanding their perspective will ensure the Space Coast continues to attract and retain top talent for our existing businesses.”

The EDC research office analyzed the survey data and developed an infographic report highlighting the survey’s findings. Some of the findings include: 62% of Space Coast Millennials chose to live in Brevard over another location, 80% enjoy the quality of life our community offers and cost of living is one of the most important factors when choosing a place to live.

“Partnering with the EDC on this initiative was a no-brainer. As Millennials, we represent the future growth and development of our area, engaging with an organization with the sole purpose of enhancing the economic development of our area was an obviouls choice,” said Shane Burgman, executive director for 321Millennials. “321Millennials, as a core, is a group of individuals that want to actively get involved in the community, voicing their opinions and taking action to implement change. Joigning forces with the EDC has helped catalyze these efforts.”

“As a local young professional and 321Millennials Board member, I see the advantage in having our organization partner with the EDC on their talent attraction initiative. The EDC has truly tapped into the millennial market on the Space Coast, respecting our opinions and eager to learn more about us,” added 321Millennials Communication Liaison, Akaila Amara. “There is no better way to sell the Space Coast to a millennial, than to share real life reasons why the ones who live and work here, wouldn’t have it any other way.”

Input collected through 321Millennials led live interviews will be instrumental in the enhancement of the on-going EDC talent attraction initiative, giving the Space Coast a competitive edge in the global war on talent.


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About 321Millennials
321 Millennials is a group of young professionals who care about the future of our community and economy. Understanding that we are the next generation to lead and influence those around us, we pledge to stay involved in our community, accomplishing things both together and individually. Visit: