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As a Region, Florida’s Space Coast is committed to innovation, and so is the Economic Development Commission of Florida’s Space Coast. By joining forces with NASA and other innovation powerhouses, we support the development of an innovation ecosystem in Brevard County that will lead to enhanced competitiveness and increase entrepreneurial activity leading to economic growth.

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Technology Docking: NASA Assistance
For High-Tech Challenges

The perfect blend of innovation and problem solving, Technology Docking is a strategic alliance powered by NASA and the Economic Development Commission of Florida’s Space Coast.
Technology Docking seeks to join commercial technology challenges with NASA expertise and capabilities to provide solutions to manufacturers and technology-based companies across all industries.
Does your company need help solving a technology challenge? Discover how NASA Assistance, or the diverse array of other participants and resources that make up the innovation ecosystem of Florida’s Space Coast, can help.

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Apply Now. Ready to apply for NASA Assistance? Complete the NASA / EDC Technology Docking Industry Needs Assessment to get started.

Connect With Us. Let’s talk! We invite you to call our business expansion and relocation team (321) 638-2000 by email (CGoode@SpaceCoastEDC.org), to learn more about obtaining NASA Assistance with the help of the Economic Development Commission of Florida’s Space Coast.

Learn More. How can your company be eligible for NASA Assistance, and is there a cost? What is Technology Docking, and how does it work? Take advantage of our NASA Assistance FAQ to learn more about this unique program.