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At the Economic Development Commission of Florida’s Space Coast, our mission is to secure the economic future of Brevard County through community support, advocacy, collaboration, communication and education. To ensure the Space Coast remains globally competitive, we must maintain a keen awareness of the latest industry trends, business intelligence, and competitive advantages. The Economic Development Commission of Florida’s Space Coast guides its program of work within five primary strategic focus areas:

● Business Environment – To cultivate a business-friendly environment and advocate for pro-business policies and programs.

● Business Development – Create positive economic impact by attracting and retaining investment within targeted industries.

● Innovation – Build an eco-system supportive of innovation and entrepreneurship connecting academic, corporate and financial resources.

● Workforce – Support and promote a qualified workforce meeting current and future industry needs through targeted programs and initiatives.

● Community of Choice – Distinguish Florida’s Space Coast as the place to live and work partnering with organizations to define, develop and market community assets.

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The Economic Development Commission’s councils work closely with our staff, and through education, advocacy, communication, collaboration, and support, play a critical role in our mission to keep Brevard County vibrant and thriving.

Ad Valorem Tax Abatement Council
Chairperson: Neal Johnson | Union Home Mortgage
EDC Staff: Edgar Campa-Palafox, CEcD, MEDP | Director, Business Development
Mission: Assists in the processing of AVT applications by reviewing submissions and recommending the level of qualifying tax abatement to the Brevard County Commission. *Guidelines and application available upon request. A maximum of 22 EDC Investors and municipal partners serve on this council.

Aerospace, Aviation and National Security Council
Chairperson: Joe Mayer | Lockheed Martin
EDC Staff: Edgar Campa-Palafox, CEcD, MEDP | Director, Business Development
Mission: Facilitates communication among stakeholders to strategically develop actions and identify policies that enhance the health and growth of the aerospace, aviation and national defense industries in Brevard.

Community of Choice
Chairperson: Laura Young | Dean Mead
EDC Staff: Brian Baluta | Director of Communications and Partner Relations
Mission: Assists staff with community of choice efforts, including assessment of Brevard County’s strengths, challenges, and development of authentic place-branding and marketing campaign to retain and attract workforce talent.

Certified Production Technician Council
Chairperson: Matt Susin  |  Brevard County School Board
EDC Staff: Trudy McCarthy, MEDP | Executive Vice President
Mission: Assists staff in the promotion and implementation of the Certified Production Technician training programs through program over site presentations and sponsorship requests.

Governance / Finance Council
Chairperson: Colleen Browne | Keiser University
EDC Staff: Trudy McCarthy, MEDP | Executive Vice President
Mission: Provides guidance in the governance of the organization and the development of financial strategies and oversight. Ensures organizational transparency through policy development and compliance with established bylaws. The EDC Audit Review Committee serves as a sub-committee of this Council.

Government Relations Council
Chairperson: Bradley White | WhiteBird, PLLC
EDC Staff: Lynda L. Weatherman | President & CEO
Mission: Supports staff with communications and outreach efforts targeted to elected officials at the local level to garner support of positive economic development policies.

Industry Council
Chairperson: Julie K. Song | FL Business & Manufacturing Solutions, Inc.
EDC Staff: Trudy McCarthy, MEDP | Executive Vice President
Mission: Serves as the advisory council to the Regional Manufacturing Association of Florida’s Space Coast (MASC) to ensure MASC has a succinct voice for Brevard County’s manufacturing base.

Innovation Council
Chairperson: Dr. Abram Walton | Florida Institute of Technology
EDC Staff: Trudy McCarthy, MEDP | Executive Vice President
Mission: Supports the development of an innovation ecosystem in Brevard County that will lead to enhanced competitiveness and increased entrepreneurial activity leading to economic growth.

Space Coast Defense Alliance
Chairperson: Daniel Ciuro | Edward Jones
EDC Staff: Trudy McCarthy, MEDP | Executive Vice President
Mission: Enhances relations with local military installations and community leaders through targeted programs and communication. Identifies opportunities for community partnerships that strengthen the installations’ footprint.