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G.O. Contracts, a service of the EDC offers Brevard businesses simplified and speedy access to government contracting opportunities. G.O. Contracts provides data and historic business intelligence that can help businesses succeed in the government contracting marketplace. All in one place, G.O. Contracts easily lets you filter for pertinent information for options that fit your business. This user-friendly, searchable database format makes identifying and responding to opportunities time efficient — and more effective, positioning your company to win.

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G.O Contacts is a game-changing, all-in-one tool that can connect your company to thousands of contracting opportunities at the federal, state and municipal levels, so you can quickly and effectively find out where the real opportunities are. Our user-friendly, searchable database can provide historic business intelligence and other data, along with a place where you can do everything from build relationships with purchasing managers to find partnering opportunities on contracts that have already been awarded, ensuring your company is in the ideal position to succeed in the government contracting marketplace. We are committed to streamlining the government contracting process, and through our easily-accessible, easily-navigable and time-effective database system, work hand-in-hand with you to empower smart business decisions every step of the way.

“G.O. Contracts provides a great way to obtain daily streamlined opportunities that we would not otherwise be able to find due to limited resources (time, people, and money) to manage. G.O. Contracts pulls it all together for us. We’ve incorporated it into our daily review so we don’t miss a beat.” -Karen Gregory, President & CEO, HRSS Consulting Group

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Apply Now. Ready to gain access to Government Contracting Opportunities? Complete our G.O. Contracts Government Opportunities Online Application Form and refer to the bottom of the application for instructions on where to submit. Here you can also find Terms & Conditions Of Use, and as well as other details about eligibility requirements, approval criteria, and the approval process.

Connect With Us. Let’s talk! We invite you to call our business expansion and relocation team (321) 638-2000 or by email (, to learn more about winning government contracts with the help of the Economic Development Commission of Florida’s Space Coast.

Learn More. What is the G.O. Contracts program, and how can your business qualify? What’s a CAGE Code, and how do you obtain one? Take advantage of our Government Contracts FAQ to have all your questions answered. You can also use our FAQ to further explore the tools businesses can use to search for government contract opportunities, and learn about the support services available.

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